Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bright Eyes


  1. >implying Fevers & Mirrors isn't his best album

  2. It is, but Lifted is better entry-level material, has a bit of everything and is pretty catchy

  3. Beat me to it, dicksandwich!

    I generally agree with this chart, but I got into Bright Eyes with Fevers and Mirrors and never liked anything else (by Bright Eyes or in general) quite so much for my high school emotional years. I think it should be noted on the chart more prominently that if you want to skip to the most emotional album you should start with Fevers.

    1. OH, and another thing: If people like Fevers and Mirrors they should also check out the Every Day and Every Night EP, which even though it only has 5 songs is incredibly similar to Fevers stylistically. That might be too much for an intro chart though.

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